Hello, Long time no talk.


Hello, It has bin a long time has it not? So I was wondering if people where still really comming to my site or not? Because I would love to start blogging again. Sorry It has bin abit. I do miss it. I love how I stopped and I look back at all my comments after almost 2 years and there 130 comments. So I there is people who still come this site do tell because I would love to start blogging again.


Bonjour, Il a ben longtemps, il n’en a pas? Donc je me demandais si les gens là où encore vraiment comming sur mon site ou pas? Parce que je t’aime de commencer à bloguer à nouveau. Désolé Il a bin abit. Je ne le manquez pas. J’aime la façon dont je me suis arrêté et je repense à tous mes commentaires après presque 2 ans et il 130 commentaires. Donc, je y at-il des gens qui viennent toujours sur ce site ne dis parce que je voudrais bien de commencer à bloguer à nouveau.

Im Trying

Ok so I made this great video i was working on it for a long time but now my laptop wont let me upload it so I got this video and I am still trying I think I will get some one to look at my laptop.

Im Back

Im back after the hole summer I am going to keep blogging even though im not in miss smiths class anymore so I wont be writing as much but I will still write. So yaaaaa.

I Got Twitter !

So I have bin gettting comments asking if I have twitter. So today I made a twitter so u can follow me and I can talk to you and tweet you. So It is like I can take you with me because I have bin really bizzy this summer so I thought if I made this you guys come come along. So my username is Tatianah4 and I cant wait to see u on twitter.I have a goal to get 100 followers by the end of summer So tell your friends and have a goodtwitter summer. Oh before I forget I will have a live time sort of a chat time every week were I can answer everything you have to say.


In class we are Talking about justice. We got a sheet that is all about justice. One of the things is

“We have to care about the rights of our country and not others”.
I disagree with this because all rights are important not just areas and saying that it kinda sounds like we don’t care about others and that we only care about are self’s.

Another on was “If we were kinder in the world there would we more justice”.
I so think so because if we were kinder there would be less war and if would be easy to salve are problems.